Frugal Holiday: 8 Frugal Yet Fun Holiday Entertaining Ideas

The holiday season is in full swing, money’s tight but you want to get together with your friends and family. After all that’s what the holidays are all about – good times with the people you love. I’ve come up with a list of ideas for parties and get togethers that won’t break the bank.

  1. Tree trimming party – gather your friends and family around to help you decorate your tree. Serve hot apple cider and cookies and make sure you load up a bunch of great Christmas Carols on your stereo.
  2. Sledding or skating party – invite the gang to meet you at your favourite sledding hill or ice skating pond for a couple of hours of fun. Have a snowball fight, make snow angels, remember how much fun snow can be.
  3. Tree-cutting party – instead of buying your tree from a tree lot this year head out to the country to a Christmas tree farm and cut your own. Pack thermoses of hot chocolate and sandwiches and have a winter picnic while you’re out. This is especially fun if you have several families rounded up to go.
  4. Board game night – invite a group of friends over to play some of those old favourites like Monopoly, Scattergories or Rumoli. A tray of cookies or sandwiches within easy reach and you’re all set.
  5. Have a neighbourhood potluck – assign each household a course: appetizer, salad, soup, side dish, main dish, dessert.
  6. Craft night – for those of you who love to craft and are trying to make last minute holiday gifts, get together with your like-minded friends to share few hours of crafting while you catch up with your friends.
  7. Cookie exchange – gather up a bunch of friends, assign each a type of cookie (you don’t want everyone to make Snickerdoodles do you…. hmmm… or do you?), everyone makes enough of one type of cookie to swap with the others. This is a great frugal practise. Instead of buying ingredients for several types of cookies you only buy ingredients for lots of one.
  8. Food exchange party- Why limit yourself to just cookies? Why not gather with friends and batch cook cabbage rolls, lasagana, stew, chili and other freezable make-aheads.

Feel free to add any of your own frugal yet fabulous holiday entertaining ideas in the comments below!


  1. says

    Fabulous ideas!

    I just did the board game night a couple weeks ago. I had the food, all the girls brought the wine. It ended up being the longest game of Trivial Pursuit…ever.

  2. says

    Thanks! It's just going to be one of those lean years, I'm afraid. These tips will help keep me in the spirit though!

    I like doing a movie night. Pick a classic, pop some corn and invite a few friends over.



  3. says

    Have a cookie decorating party! You make (lots of) sugar cookies and have everyone coming bring one type of decoration…sprinkles, dots, gel frosting, glaze, sugars, etc. Great for when you have plenty of kids coming or mom/child play dates.

    Create an amazing (holi) day!

  4. Misty says

    My favorite family tradition is buying new pajamas for the kids for Christmas. They unwrap them on Christmas Eve and everyone looks great in the pictures we take on Christmas morning. Now…if only I could make some similar arrangement for my hair and make up on Christmas morning, then I would look great in the pictures too!

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